Reprise (2016-2018)

Reprise (2016-2018) | Rotating Display calendar | Sky at Night (reprise)

Galileo's World logoThe international Galileo's World exhibition in 2015-2016 was an “exhibition without walls,” comprised of more than 20 galleries at 7 different locations (see overview). Galileo’s World was designed to bring the diverse worlds of OU together to celebrate the University's 125th anniversary. Now that the anniversary year is over, the 350 original rare books on display at the different locations have been returned to the University's special collections.  

A reprise of Galileo's World remains available in Bizzell Memorial Library. It includes the OU Tower of Pisa on the Main floor and the Exhibit Hall on the 5th floor.  This reprise of the original exhibition will run for two years.

The Exhibit Hall features the following galleries:  

  1. Music of the Spheres
  2. Galileo, Engineer
  3. Galileo and China
  4. The Sky at Night Reprise (new)
  5. The New Physics
  6. The Galileo Affair
  7. Rotating display (new)

The rotating display features selections from the galleries originally hosted at other locations. This rotating display will change over the course of two years.  So check back and see when the galleries that most interest you will return in reprise form.

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