About the Galileo's World Exhibit Guide

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 Exhibit Guide

The Exhibit Guide is a comprehensive overview of Galileo's World, offering over 1,000 pages of information and over 6,000 images. It is the most complete source of content for the Galileo’s World exhibition, going beyond the captions mounted in the physical Exhibit Hall or on the virtual galileo.ou.edu exhibit website.  The Exhibit Guide is designed for educators, group leaders, classes, and individual study beyond the first walk-through.

The Exhibit Guide interlinks all 20 galleries of the Galileo’s World exhibition for 7 different locations, covering about 350 rare books. Items are in sequence to tell a story. The Guide contains links to videos and other resources not found on the Exhibit Website. Captions are sometimes twice as long as at the Exhibit Website.

Use the Exhibit Guide to plan pre-visit or post-visit activities, to explore more deeply during a visit, or remotely to enjoy a virtual tour with your feet up in an easy chair.

There are two ways to access the content of the Exhibit Guide:  on this Lynx Open Ed website (Galileo's World at a Glance), or on the iBook Store. For the iBook version, search the iBook Store for "Galileo's World Exhibit Guide." The Exhibit Guide enhanced iBook format works on all Apple devices (Mac and iOS) with the free iBooks app installed.  (iPads are available for checkout at the Welcome desk.)