My Name

Braden Milford

About Me

I am a high school student involved in doing my own independent research. I am also a member of Oklahoma Students Advocating for Statewide Science (OSASS) which promotes student research at the middle and high school levels in Oklahoma as well as promoting STEM in schools throughout the state.
This year, my research focuses on Investigating the effects of wildfire retardants on the water quality index of a natural stream in an active wildfire zone, the survival response of Crustacea amphipoda and the hatch rate of Artemia franciscana eggs when exposed to concentrations of Phos-Chek LC-95AF fire retardants. In addition, the survival response of Lymnae stagnalis in a specially designed and built Simulated Stream Flow System (SSFS) when exposed concentrations of Phos-Chek LC-95AF fire retardants. The growth and formation of biofilms of Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis when exposed to dilutions of Phos-Chek LC-95AF fire retardants was also explored. Finally, a remediation method was designed and developed utilizing selected algae and cyannobacteria to improve the water quality of the fire retardant solutions in the Simulated Stream Flow System to a point at which it can support life for an extended period of time, making it a successful aquatic ecosystem.

My Areas of Interest

Health Sciences