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Percy Bysshe Shelley, Poetical Works (London, 1876-1877), 4 vols.

Heaven’s utmost deep

Gives up her stars, and like a flock of sheep

They pass before his eye, are number’d, and roll on.”


“Prometheus Unbound,” Act IV (lines 418-420)

Galileo's World Exhibition Location

Source: John and Mary Nichols Special Collections

Section: Stars

Section Number: 4

Object Number: 31

Subject Area(s): Literature, Astronomy

Time Period: 19th Century

Region(s): Europe, England

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Coma Berenices Learning Leaflet

Coma Berenices Learning Leaflet

Coma Berenices is the only one of the modern 88 official constellations named after a historical figure. It represents the hair of Berenice, Queen of Egypt (267 221 BCE), who reigned with Ptolemy III Euergetes. Learn more about this in this learning leaflet.