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John Flamsteed, Atlas Celeste (Paris, 1776), ed. J. Fortin

Celestial Atlas

A globe maker for the French royal family, J. Fortin, prepared this edition of Flamsteed’s celestial atlas in a much reduced format.

Flamsteed was the first Astronomer Royal, who oversaw the building of the Greenwich Observatory. Newton relied upon Flamsteed’s star positions in his Principia.

Flamsteed’s large atlas was the most celebrated and influential star atlas of the 18th century, posthumously published in 1729. It is on display at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art in Spring 2016.

Galileo's World Exhibition Location

Source: History of Science Collections

Section: Stars

Section Number: 4

Object Number: 27

Subject Area(s): Astronomy, Scientific Instruments, Art

Time Period: 18th Century

Region(s): Europe, France

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