Lynx Academy


Lynx Academy

During May and June we partnered with the OKC Metropolitan Library for the maiden voyage of the Lynx Open Ed Academy, our off-site K-12 education program. Over the course of about a month we put on 3 different programs at the following libraries:

Edmond Library

Capitol Hill Library (though the program was off-site at Shidler Elementary library)

Belle Isle Library

During the program we showed the kids the facsimile of Galileo’s Starry Messenger 

GW Facsimile

Followed by an activity simulating the basic idea of a telescope using concave and convex lenses.

GW Lenses

We then learned about the constellations and the night sky by using a Celestial Globe, Constellation Cards, as well as a Planisphere.

Lynx Academy Activities

All of the content came from “Galileo’s World” with the majority coming from the exhibit “Sky at Night” (currently on display at the History of Science Collections).

We could not have asked for a better inaugural run for the Lynx Open Ed Academy (the first of many future programs). We want to thank the librarians we worked with - Brittney Logan (Edmond), Gloria Melchor (Capitol Hill), and Katherine Hickey (Belle Isle) - as well as the Children’s Services Coordinator for all OKC libraries, Kristin Williamson, for helping us connect with the various branch libraries.

We plan to offer future programs similar to this one, and look forward to working with our developing docent program to provide more opportunities. You can learn more about the docent program here.