Last chance to see Museo Galileo instruments

A "chat with the curators" walking tour for "The Scientific Revolution," the first rotating display of the Galileo's World Reprise exhibit, will take place Thursday Sept 8, 7:00-8:30 pm, Bizzell Library, 5th floor.  More info at

This event will be the final opportunity to see the Museo Galileo instrument replicas before they are returned to Florence!  We thank the Museo Galileo for partnering with us on the Galileo's World exhibit.  This partnership included displaying 5 instrument replicas:  Galileo's telescope, microscope, thermoscope, and engineering compass, as well a 16th century polyhedral sundial.  These replicas, displayed in 5 different locations last year, will be removed from the Exhibit Reprise after this event to be packaged and shipped back to the Museo Galileo.

Stewart Brower, Director of the Schusterman Library in Tulsa, will join us for this event!  He and I will dialogue during the walking tour. We will share a video clip of Galileo himself appearing at a Schusterman event, interrupting my walking tour there last February!

Two new "featured OERs" on the Lynx Open Ed site relate to books in the Scientific Revolution rotating display!  See the home page, top center.  Both of these OERs feature books from the Women and Science top ten tour. Both were on display in the Tulsa exhibit at the Schusterman Library. Both are being digitized in their entirety (as are all of the 350 books that were displayed).