A Living Library: The Growth of the History of Science Collections after "Roller-Goodman," 1976-2012

A Living Library

In this Living Library Exhibition, browse images and descriptions of roughly 150 rare treasures from the history of science, technology and medicine.  Think of this course as a personal tour through a virtual library with rare books set out for you.  The books' subject areas encompass the fields of astronomy, physics, biology, medicine, geology, geography, chemistry, meteorology, mathematics and the human sciences.  Chronologically, they range from antiquity to the early 20th century.

The History of Science Collections of the University of Oklahoma Libraries is a living library, growing constantly to serve a dynamic community of scholars.  Look for the interweaving of two stories: the history of science, and the history of the Collections.  The physical version of this exhibit is open for viewing on the OU campus in Norman, Oklahoma, through August, 2013.

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Exhibit: Living Library

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