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What do docents do?  
There's something in it for everyone, no matter what your interests and experience.  

Do I need to know all about history or all about science?  
No, who could ever know that much! Prior knowledge of history and/or science is not required. Docents just need an enthusiasm for learning and sharing with others.

How would I get started? 
To get started is easier than you think!  

  • Lynx Meetups occur regularly.  These are designed as docent training sessions and/or for friends of the Lynx.

This "Docent Manual" is comprised of the pages listed in the right side-bar. It will evolve considerably as we implement our first go-round of docent training.  At present, some pages are non-existent or empty proxies for topics that will be a special focus for future docent training sessions.  By the end of 2019 academic year, we expect that this dynamic and evolving Docent Manual will constitute an accurate reflection of what docents need to know.  Thank you for joining with us to make a difference at the very beginning of this effort!

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