Lynx Academy - Summer & Fall 2018

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Lynx Academy
Summer & Fall 2018

Renaissance Optical Illusions


Throughout much of history people have enjoyed playing around with the various ways in which it is possible to trick one's eyes through optical illusions. In this presentation students will recreate some fun optical illusions. Among the illusions discussed will be the following: anamorphic art, Alberti’s box, camera obscura, and various illusions with concave and convex lenses. In the process of recreating such fun optical illusions participants will learn about why early modern individuals were interested in such investigations, as well as the legacy of such investigations on the formation of modern optics.

Lynx Academy is a K-12 outreach program for the History of Science Collections at the University of Oklahoma. The events are designed to be held off-site, and can accommodate groups up to 40 people.

Cost: Free

Program Length: 60-90 minutes

Age Range: Ideal for 3rd - 12th grade.

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