Lynx Open Ed at the Domains 2017 conference

by Brent Purkaple and Kerry Magruder

We are thrilled to be participating yesterday and today in "Domains 2017: Indie EdTech and Other Curiosities," a conference sponsored by OU's Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE), and Reclaim Hosting, the moving force behind "A Domain of One's Own" (Conference website).  In our proposal for an exhibition booth, we indulged in some word play with "domain" and "reclaim":

The History of Science Collections contains nearly 100,000 volumes from every field and subject area of science, technology and medicine ranging from the time of printing in the fifteenth century to current publications. Initially a physical domain reserved for elite scholars, OU Libraries has recently transferred the books into the public domain. Reclaiming the identity of a public research library, visitors from all over the world daily experience the History of Science Collections, either physically or digitally. 

Come experience the transformation of OU Libraries with Galileo’s World, and take part in the democratization of knowledge. Participants will be invited to actively answer four questions as they participate in the booth. 1) What is Galileo’s World? 2) How are those books released into the digital domain? 3) In what ways is this transforming the public domain? 4) How can I add Galileo’s World to my own domain?

Here's an outline of how we organized our exhibition booth:

  1. What is Galileo's World?
    1. Exhibit website
    2. Exhibit guide
  2. How is Galileo's World released into the public domain?
    1. Every book on display is digitized cover to cover.
    2. All images released in high resolution in the public domain.
  3. How is Galileo's World transforming the public domain?
    1. For educators:  Lynx Open Ed (
    2. For scholars:  Edition Open Sources (EOS)
    3. Announcing:  The Sky Tonight: A Cultural Archaeology of the Stars (
  4. How can you add Galileo's World to your own domain?

And here's how it looked (click any image to enlarge):

The lynx and the starry sphere
The lynx and the starry sphere

Exhibit Guide and website
For educators:  Exhibit Guide and website

Open Educational Resources (
Open Educational Resources (

Announcing The Sky Tonight:  A Cultural Archaeology of the Stars
Announcing The Sky Tonight: A Cultural Archaeology of the Stars

Edition Open Sources
For scholars:  Edition Open Sources

Idea board
Idea board: Thanks, everyone, for the suggestions and conversations!

What is Galileo's World?
What is Galileo's World? A participatory, collaborative conversation.

Exhibit booth
Exhibit booth