Lynx Open Ed brown-bag series

Coloring party, History of Science Collections, OU

Spring schedule, 2017

  • March 4, March 9:  Noon to 1:00 pm.  Constellations
    • Topical presentation:  Constellations.
    • Instrument introduction:  Celestial globe.
    • OER activities:  Constellation tubes and coloring pages (will create with light boards).  
  • April 1, April 6:  Noon to 1:00 pm.   Astrolabe
    • Topical presentation:  Celestial motions.
    • Instrument introduction:  Astrolabe.
    • OER activities:  ... with the astrolabe.

Bring your own lunch, tea bags or k-cups:  Amenities in Ptolemy's Tea House include a microwave, an electric water kettle, a keurig-cup coffee maker, and an ice-machine with filtered water.  

A brown-bag program typically follows this three-part format:

  • Topical presentation (roughly 20 mins; eat lunch during this portion of the program)
  • Instrument overview (roughly 20 mins)
  • Hands-on OER activity (roughly 20 mins)

This event is designed for educators and docents, not for kids. Since space is limited, we encourage young children to come on family days (home game days in the Fall; to be announced for the spring), or to schedule a docent-led group visit to Galileo's World, including activities for kids from 3rd grade on up (see

The Lynx Open Ed Brown-Bag series, held roughly monthly, is designed especially for educators and docents.  Each brown-bag features participatory activities or OERs that are being prepared for the exhibit.  While completing activities, participants will offer feedback for OER development and discuss the particular groups and classes for which any activity might be helpful.

Typically, brown-bags are held in pairs.  The program for each brown-bag in a pair is identical, so far as possible.

  • The first one in any given pair falls on a Saturday, from noon to 1:00 pm. These brown-bags are held on Saturdays during the lunch hour, in order to allow participation by community educators and volunteers as well as on-campus students and faculty.  
  • The second brown-bag in any given pair occurs on the following Thursday, from noon to 1:00 pm.  These Thursday brown-bags are designed to involve students on campus.

Location:  Ptolemy's Tea House, 5th floor, Bizzell Memorial Library, OU, Norman.  Directions and hours.   Parking.

Details:  See the Galileo's World meetup group and the events calendar here at

Cost is free.  OU Libraries, connecting people.


Fall 2016 semester brown-bags included:

  • Sept 24:  Art, Music and Astronomy for 3rd graders on up
    • Featured activities: telescope lenses, coloring scratch paper, duochords, and more.
    • Demonstration of the "OU Lynx" website, with new member forums.
  • Oct 22:  Constellation stories
    • Featured activities:  constellation card sets, planispheres, celestial globes, armillary spheres, and more.
    • Sneak peek at "The Sky Tonight" website.